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    Learn the language of TSLOTS.

Understanding Terms for your Extruded Aluminum and Framing Systems

You don’t often come across the terms and phrases associated with the aluminum extruded products we provide, and we don’t expect you to memorize everything. We have included a glossary that can help with understanding terms from aluminum alloy to yield strength. We want you to understand the aluminum extruded products we have. Feel free to use our glossary as you plan your next project, particularly for aluminum and modular framing systems.

0-Degree Pivot Nub
A connecting block that allows attached extrusions to swing 180 degrees parallel to the attached TSLOT linear extrusion.

10 Series
T-slotted extrusions in six different configurations, from 1″ by 1″ up to 2″x4″. These come standard in 240” lengths.

15 Series
T-slotted extrusions in 12 different configurations, from 1.5″ by 1.5″ up to 3″ by 6″. These come standard in 240” lengths.

25 Series

T-slotted extrusions based on 25 mm sizes.

40 Series
T-slotted extrusions based on 40 mm sizes.

45-Degree Support
Pre-cut extrusion assembly with 45-degree miters that add strength to corner connections.

6063 Alloy
Alcan aluminum alloy used in all TSLOTS extrusions and some components. Hardened to T6 temper to offer high strength, excellent machinablity and outstanding aesthetic finish when anodized.

90-Degree Joining Plate
A flat connecting plate used to make right-angle connections using TSLOTS extrusions.

90-Degree Pivot Nub
A connecting block that allows attached extrusions to swing 180 degrees perpendicular to the attached TSLOTS linear extrusion.

Access Hole
A hole specifically located in TSLOTS, allowing access to tighten an end fastener or any other accessory.

Adjustable Hinge
A plastic hinge with adjustable tension between its leaves.

Two thin aluminum sheets bonded together with a thermoplastic core. Painted on one side and unfinished on the other.

Alumalite™ Panels
An extremely lightweight 6 mm panel that’s ideal for low-impact enclosures.

Aluminum Alloy
A predetermined mixture of one or more elements with aluminum; heated and hydraulically pressed through an extrusion die.

Artificial Aging
An aging process that results in increased strength and hardness using a heating oven.

Age Softening
A sudden decrease of strength and hardness that takes place at room temperature in certain strain-hardened alloys containing magnesium.

Precipitation from solid solution resulting in a change in the properties of an alloy — usually occuring slowly at room temperature (natural aging) and more rapidly at elevated temperatures (artificial aging).

A substance with metallic properties composed of two or more chemical elements, at least one of which is a metal. In TSLOTS, an alloy is aluminum plus one or more other elements, produced for specific desirable characteristics.

Aluminum oxide produced from bauxite by a complicated chemical process. Alumina is an intermediate step in the production of aluminum from bauxite. It’s a white, powdery material that looks like granulated sugar.

A silver-white, soft metal noted for its lightness, high reflectivity, high thermal conductivity, nontoxicity and corrosion resistance. Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element, making up about 1/12th of the earth’s crust. It’s never found in nature as an elemental metal, only in combination with oxygen and other elements. In ordinary commercial and industrial use, the word aluminum often means aluminum alloy rather than the pure metal.

Aluminum Extrusion
Shaped aluminum produced by heating and pressure through a die to form a specific profile.

Anchor Fastener
A strong and/or adjustable fastener used to join two TSLOTS extrusions at right angles.

The process of applying a thin, protective electrochemical coating (either clear or a specific color) to aluminum surfaces. The resulting finish makes a corrosion-resistant extrusion. TSLOTS extrusions have an etched anodized finish that is .15 – .25 mil.

Button-head socket-cap screw.

Bonnell Aluminum
A custom aluminum extrusion company and manufacturer of TSLOTS aluminum products.

A removable cylindrical lining for an opening, used to limit the size of the opening in order to resist abrasion or serve as a guide for another object.

Butt Fastener
A strong, flush-mounted fastener used to join two TSLOTS extrusions end to end.

To bevel off the right-angled edge of a corner.

Computer-aided design.

Clearance Hole
A hole that provides fastener clearance.

A cylindrical, flat-bottomed hole drilled partially through a TSLOTS extrusion piece.

A chamfered screw hole allowing the screw head to remain level with the mounting surface.

Cross Clamp
A stanchion block used to connect two tubes at right angles.

Cross-Joining Plate
A pre-drilled flat plate used to connect TSLOTS extrusions that intersect at right angles.

To remove a sharp edge from a fabricated or machined surface.

A custom add-in software used in conjunction with SolidWorks™ software. DesignPro allows quick design of projects using TSLOTS. It also provides a bill of materials and pricing.

Deflection Calculator
Finds your approximate deflection for a specific TSLOTS extrusion.

Double Flange
A part with two opposing projections used for attachment to other types of surfaces.

Double Mesh Panel Retainer
An anchoring bracket that attaches wire or metal panels to a TSLOTS extrusion.

Double T-Nut
A T-Nut containing two threaded holes with centerlines that match those of a joining plate.

Drill Jig
A fixture used for drilling perpendicular access holes in TSLOTS aluminum extrusions.

Drop-in T-Nut
Comes with or without ball bearings and is used to place a threaded receptacle quickly into any TSLOTS extrusion while assembled.

End Cap
A plastic cover for the end of a TSLOTS extrusion.

End Fastener
A connecting clip and screw that provides a clean, hidden connection for TSLOTS extrusions.

To force material through a die by pressure.

Extrusion Direct
A method of extrusion where the die and ram are at opposite ends of the billet and the product and ram travel in the same direction.

Flanged button-head socket-cap screw.

Flat-head socket-cap screw.

A rib or area of strength, used for guiding or attaching to another object.

Flange-Mount Caster
A caster that mounts to an adapter plate using a pre-drilled flange.

Flat Joining Plate
A pre-drilled plate used to connect TSLOTS extrusions.

Floor-Mount Base Plate
A pre-drilled bracket that permits frame anchoring to the floor.

A 45-degree angle bracket used to attach TSLOTS extrusions at right angles.

High-density polyethylene used in plastic panels.

Heat Treating
Heating and cooling a solid metal or alloy so as to obtain desired conditions or properties. Commonly used as a shop term to denote a thermal treatment to increase strength. Does not incliude heating for the sole purpose of hot working.

Hollow Profile
An extruded profile in which any part of the cross section completely encloses a void.

Inside Corner Bracket
A pre-drilled angle used to connect extrusions at right angles.

Jam Nut
A hex nut used to fix the height position of a threaded leveling foot or caster.

Joining Plate
A pre-drilled flat plate used to connect TSLOTS extrusions.

Leveling Base Plate
Pre-drilled plaster used to mount both leveling feet and floor anchor bolts to a TSLOTS frame.

Linear Bearing
An attachment that slides in line using a TSLOTS frame as a rail. Nylon is used as the bearing surface and can be adjusted for a snug or loose fit.

Living Hinge
An anchoring block attached to TSLOTS to give attached extrusions full 180-degree motion with the TSLOTS.

Locking Grab Handle
A cabinet-type latch used for panel doors that lock with a key.

Low-head socket-cap screw.

Mesh Panel
A panel made from wire or plastic to form a wall or partition.

Mesh Panel Retainer
An anchoring bracket that attaches wire or metal panels to a TSLOTS extrusion.

Metric Fasteners
Fasteners made for metric thread.

Miter Cut
An angled cut using a saw.

Modulus of Elasticity
The ratio of stress to corresponding strain throughout the range where it’s proportional.

Mounting Block
Formed aluminum used to hold round pipe or connect to a TSLOT.

Thermoplastic formed into strong elastic material, used in linear slide bearings and wheels.

Nylatron Roller Wheels
Used to guide linear motion, these wheels mount to TSLOTS.

Open Access Hole
Specific locations for access holes used to tighten end fasteners for assembly.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Panel Mount Block
An adjustable mounting block used to mount panels to aluminum TSLOTS extrusions.

Panel Retainer
An anchoring bracket that attaches plastic or metal panels to a TSLOTS extrusion.

Pivot Bracket
A flat joining plate that allows an extrusion to pivot 90 or 180 degrees.

Constant tension on a fastener that prevents loosening of the fastener assembly.

Pressure Manifold Plate
A pre-drilled plate used with a gasket to form a pressurized air or fluid chamber inside the cavity of a TSLOTS extrusion.

A product that’s long in relation to its cross-sectional dimensions and has a cross-section other than wire, rod, bar or tube — produced by extrusion, rolling, drawing or cold finishing. Formerly called a “shape.”

Polyvinyl chloride, a coating used in lightweight mesh plastic sheeting.

Right-Angle Nub
A connecting block that allows attached extrusions to swing 90 degrees parallel or perpendicular to the attached TSLOTS extrusion.

Rigid Caster
Wheel mounted in a way that doesn’t allow steering of the wheel when in motion.

Roller Wheel
Wheels made to fit inside TSLOTS aluminum extrusions and allow extrusions to become rails.

Socket-head cap screw.

Single Flange
Material with one projection used for attachment to other types of surfaces.

Single-Tab End Fastener
A fastener that allows panels to mate in TSLOTS without having to notch panels.

Slat-Wall Panels
Custom-grooved, interlocking aluminum extrusions used to hold literature, signs, shelves, etc.

Spring-Lock Feature
A 2-degree taper that spring-locks fasteners as they’re tightened in TSLOTS.

A block used for mounting round tubes to TSLOTS extrusions.

Threaded-Stem Swivel Caster
A steerable wheel mounted to a frame.

Swivel Caster
A steerable wheel that attaches to TSLOTS frames.

To machine a female screw thread into metal.

Tensile Strength
In tensile testing, the ratio of maximum load to original cross-sectional area. Also called “ultimate strength.”

T-Joining Plate
A pre-drilled flat plate used to connect TSLOTS extrusions that intersect at right angles.

A specially threaded, flat screw nut that fits into a TSLOTS extrusion.

The allowable variation of an object’s hardness or weight.

Triple T-Nut
A T-nut with three threaded holes that match up with TSLOTS joining plates.

A modular aluminum structural framing system containing numerous components and accessories that can be used to create just about anything. TSLOTS are sometimes referred to as a T-slotted or T-slot type of aluminum framing system.

Plastic strips that fit into the groove of a TSLOTS extrusion to keep dust and dirt out.

A departure from straightness.

A universal-nub connecting block that allows an attached TSLOTS extrusion to swing 180 degrees parallel to the attached mating surface.

Yield Strength
The stress at which a material exhibits a specified permanent set. The offset used is .02 percent of gauge length for aluminum and its alloys. For aluminum alloys, the yield strengths in tension and compression are approximately equal

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