Anodized Black Extrusions

At TSLOTS in Clearfield, Utah, our anodized black extrusions don’t just look sleek and stylish; they offer more versatility and design options for your projects. Just like the variety of other aluminum square tubing and aluminum extrusions we offer, our black, anodized aluminum extrusions are in stock and can be shipped in bulk or fabricated to your specifications.

We offer nine different options for black anodized extrusions, ranging from a 1X1 shape ideal for machine guarding and sound enclosures, to a 3X3 shape for heavier and stronger structures that require optimum strength. Anodized black extrusions can also be used to run air lines or serve as a pressure or vacuum manifold.

With TSLOTS black anodized extrusions you can successfully construct tool racks, assembly stations, sound enclosures, machine bases and guarding, clean-room structures, test equipment, linear motion devices and cellular manufacturing workstations.

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms aluminum’s metallic surface into an ornamental, hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant anodic oxide finish. Our black anodized aluminum extrusions are attractive, highly durable and require minimal maintenance, along with being environmentally sound, as anodized aluminum does not cause any negative effects to land, air or water.

Anodizing creates a more porous, adhesive surface, so the black finish of our black anodized extrusions is long-lasting and allows for effective dyeing processes. Diamonds are the only material with a harder crystalline structure than anodized aluminum.

Rely on TSLOTs’ Extrusions

TSLOTS provides customers with industry-leading, black anodized aluminum extrusions, manufactured, distributed, and sold by an aluminum extruder. Every TSLOTS sets extremely high standards, so we guarantee that you’ll receive consistent quality when you purchase aluminum extrusions from our Utah location.

To order your black anodized aluminum extrusions, click on the links below. If you have questions about our products, give us a call at 800-824-2049 or email us at

650100 – TS10-10

650102 – TS10-20

650103 – TS20-20

650105 – TS15-15

650108 – TS15-30

650112 – TS30-30

650106 – TS15-15L

650109 – TS15-30L

670130 – TS4545B