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Yellow Aluminum Extrusions for Safety

Safety in your business or manufacturing center is crucial. More and more, we fulfill requests for safety yellow aluminum T-Slots from clients. We’re proud to support safety awareness with high-precision products in light-weight, high-strength yellow aluminum extrusions. Our products are designed to keep your employees safe and aware of their surroundings.

Yellow painted equipment universally warns of physical hazards, whether the risk concerns tripping, stumbling, falling into machines, or low-hanging equipment. T-Slots extrusions keep you in compliance with standards set by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). We add the high-visibility yellow you need in your production environment.

If framing and guarding is an essential part of customer and employee safety, call on T-SLOTS. When you choose our products, you can select in-house anodizing with corrosion resistant properties. This keeps our product bright and visible to protect your employees adequately. You can trust our designers and engineers to provide you with anything you might need.
Our yellow painted aluminum extrusions come ready to install, and we can help with any type of project, whether you’re starting at the design phase or looking for custom shapes to fit existing plans.

Safety yellow TSLOTS are available in select profiles

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650248         650232        670230        670207

Don’t see a shape you need? Contact us today.

We can be reached by phone at by calling (1) 800 824 2049 or by email. We also have distributors around the world who can answer your questions and help with ordering.