Aluminum Tables, Cabinets, Doors & Workbenches

TSLOTS offers the best in aluminum framing and custom extrusions for manufacturing centers around the country. We are proud to supplement our inventory with preconfigured aluminum framing units.

TSLOTS Offers Ready-to-Use Aluminum Framing Units

You can choose from a wide selection of ready-to-use aluminum framing units for your workspace, ranging from doors to cabinets, tables, guards and workbenches. You can choose industrial metal cabinets and tables with either leveling feet or casters. We also offer a variety of types and sizes, so you can choose either slim framing or thicker, more robust framing. We make it all with high-strength aluminum alloys that offer incredible reliability without the weight.

Our Preconfigured Units are of the Highest Quality

These preconfigured units can be used as a convenient solution for your manufacturing center or workspace, and are ideal for office shelving and office furniture. Each unit is designed with sleek construction and manufactured with the best hardware available on the market today.

See our size options below and contact us or work with one of our international distributors to place an order.