Complete Your Project with Fractional Aluminum Profiles

Whether you need stock extruded aluminum profile shapes to complete your project or custom-machined profiles to bring your vision into reality, TSLOTS can deliver quickly and on budget. We handle every component of your order in house, from manufacturing to warehousing, shipping and project design. We do it all at very competitive prices with quality you can trust.

Here at TSLOTS, our mission is to bring your project to life. You bring us the idea, whether it’s simply conceptual or thoroughly designed with CAD technology, and we supply the exact precision parts you need. Our aluminum extrusion profiles are the finishing touch you need to give your project stability and endurance.


What is an Aluminum Extrusion Profile?

Formerly known as aluminum extrusion shapes, profiles are pieces of extruded aluminum that are long relative to their cross-sectional dimensions. They are useful for cross sections when you don’t want to use rods, wires, tubes or bars. We manufacture each profile with high-quality, lightweight aluminum and finish each one in-house.


Fractional Profile Options in Stock Now

We offer more than 100 aluminum profiles in stock sizes, and we keep our warehouse fully stocked so we can get each customer the specific parts they need, when they need them. Fractional extrusions come in 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, or 1-and-1/2-inch center lines. They can be clear anodized or mill finished.

In addition to extruded aluminum tubes and flat pieces, our stock profile shapes include:

• Angle nub profiles
• Double retainer profiles
• Linear bearing profiles
• Lift-off hinge profiles
• Pivot-nub profiles
• Door hinges
• Joining plates
• Brackets


Our metric extrusions are used for metal enclosures, robots, and even components on the International Space Station.

Here are some other ideas:

• Work carts
• Machine enclosures
• Test racks
• Organizational shelving systems

Concept Submissions

Custom Aluminum Profiles for Ultimate Precision

We can create custom parts for times when you can’t find what you need in our extensive selection of parts. You can bring us either a concept, a partial plan or a complete design, and our in-house design team will work with you to get every required part ordered and on its way.

Custom Designs

Contact TSLOTS Any Time

To get started with an order for a fractional aluminum extrusion profile, contact us at your convenience. If you need a custom-machined part, please send us a CAD drawing of your design and we’ll get back to you with a quote.