15 Series Fractional Aluminum Extrusions

The 15 Series fractional aluminum extrusions are designed to be compatible with many TSLOTS aluminum accessories so that you can build structures to your exact specs. They are the perfect starting skeleton from which to build out your design.

The 15 Series can be combined with our wide variety of brackets, hinges, stanchions, fasteners, and other connectors and hardware.

There are many 15 Series aluminum extrusions to select from. Their sizes range from 1.5″x1.5″ to 3″x6″. These TSLOTS extrusions have slot widths of 0.322″ and are modular to each other. The inside radius is 0.187″, which makes it easy to slide drop-in T-Nuts.

These extrusions are excellently suited to build sound enclosures, machine guarding, work benches, display racks and panel mount racks. You can easily mount accessories such as sensors, valves, switches, panels and rails.

If you need extrusions of custom shapes that are compatible with this series, we can create them to your specifications.