40 Series Aluminum Extrusions

These 40mm modular aluminum extrusions are compatible with the entire 40 series of TSLOTS accessories, including brackets, fasteners, hardware, hinges and stanchions. You’ll have no problem putting together your custom designs, and the end product will be durable and sturdy yet lightweight.

There are several 40 series aluminum extrusion models to choose from, each with a different profile to suit individual requirements. Find the size and shape that best fits your needs. Then use 40 series metric aluminum accessories to finish bringing your structure blueprint to life.

Ideal Uses for Aluminum Extrusions:

  • Machine guarding
  • Sound enclosures
  • Work benches
  • Display racks
  • Panel mount racks
  • Tables
  • Workstations
  • Shop carts
  • Machine retrofits
  • Automated equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Point of purchase displays