TSLOTS 20 Years of Service

Join us in celebrating TSLOTS and 20 years of service 

We are pleased to announce that our TSLOTS line is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum structural framing systems. The TSLOTS aluminum framing system allows manufacturers to create light, durable, attractive, strong, versatile and functional structures using custom T-slotted aluminum extrusions and T-nut fasteners.

“Over the last 20 years, the TSLOTS team has made it a priority and commitment to delivering ‘best-in-class’ products with reliable and responsive service to its customers,” commented Steve Silvester, TSLOTS Sales Manager. Mr. Silvester added, “As a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum framing systems in North America, we continue to successfully grow our served markets with new and innovative product designs and applications. And being part of Bonnell Aluminum allows us to broaden our capabilities and served geographies, forging even stronger relationships with our served customers.”

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