Why Choose TSLOTS Aluminum Extrusions?

TSLOTS is the only provider of aluminum extrusion products that handles every step of the process in house, from design to production, packaging and shipping. We use principles of lean manufacturing to get every order to the customer on time, with unmatched precision.

Custom Extrusions Bring Your Idea to Life

TSLOTS is the erector set for engineers. We use high-strength and light-weight aluminum alloys in every size and shape imaginable. Our projects have included industrial-scale manufacturing equipment that can withstand any amount of buckling and bending stress and, on a smaller scale, equipment such as workstations, product displays, safety guarding, equipment stands, racks, and tools. Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Design Expertise with Advanced 3D Tools

Absolute precision is key, and we can create custom extrusions for any design. In fact, our talented designers can ensure that your project will meet all your needs using state-of-the-art digital 3D software. We offer the most consistent products and the most extensive offerings for your aluminum extrusion needs.

We invite you to browse our catalogs to see the complete range of products available. We offer fractional, Bosch-compatible and metric sizes to suit any design. Our manufacturing teams work every day of the week to keep our warehouse fully stocked, ensuring prompt, accurate delivery, and every item is real-world tested and proven.

Anodized Finishes for Corrosion Resistance

Once your project is designed and extruded, we complete the anodizing in-house. We offer custom anodized extrusions in a wide range of colors. This process means every piece of your order is both elegant and corrosion-resistant. Not only will your project be functional for years to come, it will be an attractive addition to your workspace.

With TSLOTS, you will never have to manage multiple vendors, and that saves you both time and money. It also means consistency throughout the process. During every shift, we carefully monitor parameters with Ph calculations and titration checks to ensure nominal conditions. You can rest assured that every item we deliver is created exactly to your specifications.

Contact us to get started on bringing your idea to life, or work with one of our international distributors to get the extrusions you need, on time, and at the right price.