We are the extruder

TSLOTS by Bonnell Aluminum is North America's only line of  T-slotted aluminum extrusions handled end-to-end by an aluminum extruder.

Our vertically-integrated, 'one-stop shop' approach is what sets us apart. From raw material to finished product, our team takes full control of the TSLOTS manufacturing process, delivering the precise shapes you need for your projects, and ensuring an unmatched level of quality and consistency with every order. 

Our product range is versatile enough for simple or complex projects. Whether you're planning industrial guarding, designing clean rooms, or building a DIY workbench for your home garage, TSLOTS provides a durable, lightweight, and fully-customizable solution. Our custom brackets, fasteners, hinges, and hardware make assembly a breeze.

Our vertical integration also brings the benefit of swift adaptability to your unique needs. Got a custom design or a novel idea? Our expert team is on standby to fabricate, machine, or assemble the exact shapes you require, turning your vision into a tangible reality. With nearly 70 years of aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and finishing expertise, we can make your vision a reality regardless of where you start your design. Send us your ideas on paper, or in a CAD file, and let us bring your next project to life!


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