We are the extruder

TSLOTS by Bonnell Aluminum come directly from us since we are the extruder. In fact, TSLOTS are the only T-slotted aluminum extrusion sold by the people who make the product. Other companies use multiple extruders which limits their ability to ensure consistency and lead times. TSLOTS come with internal controls that guarantee the same high quality every time you order from one of the most extensive product lines in the industry. And we are extremely competitive.

TSLOTS allows you to rapidly design and erect simple to complex projects including industrial guarding, clean rooms, or even a DIY work bench for your garage at home. TSLOTS allows you to find that perfect, easy to assemble solution for most any project. Complete with a variety of fasteners and hardware, designing an application that fits your needs just became that much easier.

As the only vertically integrated US manufacturer of TSLOTS, our team can extrude the shapes you require for your projects. We know TSLOTS, and we can help with the products you need regardless of where you start your design. Send us your ideas on paper, or in a CAD file, and we’ll bring your design to life!