Panel Notching

TSLOTS offers over 50 types of plastic, aluminum composite, and wire mesh panels. Our custom panel machining services ensures you can get all your material from one supplier.

Our in-house panel router provides our customers with the option for custom panel designs. With our wide variety of plastic panel materials, TSLOTS by Bonnell Aluminum can precisely machine to specification our supplied materials. Providing custom plastic panels in house, ensures quicker lead times, and more control over our process.

The extrusions slots are the ideal location for most panels as they can be integrated directly into the channel slot. This allows for custom shapes and designs saving you time, money, and the difficulty of using a 3rd party. TSLOTS Panel Router is state of the art and ensures accuracy to tolerances +/- .005” from the exact dimensions that are provided.

Our CNC Panel Router machining also provides cut to size, custom designs, notching, engraving, and lettering services.

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