Pneumatic Solutions

Pneumatics can be an essential and crucial part of every day when working with robotics and other automation solutions. The environment and equipment require solutions that are durable, strong and can deal with the harsh demands of repetition. TSLOTS extrusions are designed to enhance your solutions and change when updates are required.

  • Channel Optimization - TSLOTS extrusion profiles come in a variety of shapes to choose from. These profiles are built to withstand the tough applications pneumatic systems demand. Utilizing the number of slots a profile has allows you to attach a variety of components without additional hardware. Actuators and valves can be mounted easily and directly to the profile face. 
  • Cable Management - Simply insert wires or cables directly into the slot of the profile or mount a tube clamps or cable binders. Manage your wires or cables and reduce tripping hazards and improve organization. The easy-to-use design allows you to simply pop open the clamp, insert the wires and clamp it shut with no additional effort or design needed. Remove the clutter and give your application a clean looking frame.
  • Manage your Process - The large selection of profiles TSLOTS offers will ensure you get what you imagined. Our range consists of fractional and metric sizing options that come with a standard clear anodize finish with options available for black anodize and yellow powder coat. With variations of light-weight and heavy profiles combined with closed slots, angled, and radius options the only limitations will be your imagination. – WATCH PROFILE SELECTION VIDEO
  • Withstand the Environment - Pneumatic applications must withstand harsh environments from the requirements it demands. With repetitive cycles and constant vibration, TSLOTS profiles are designed to endure the toughest surroundings. Our profiles are built with a 2-degree spring lock feature to ensure hardware doesn't vibrate loose. When fastened down, the connection becomes vibration-resistant.
  • Infinite Positioning - The profile slots allow for hardware connection along the entire axis of the profile bar. Don't settle for out-of-box frames when you can customize and maximize the functionality of the profiles. Some options don't allow placement of pneumatic components in the where needed, but the unique slots allow for placement to get the best angles.
  • Pressurize your Frame - Add in one of our pressure manifold plates and pressurize the entire frame or only the parts that are required. Reduce extra air hoses for safety and organization and place access points where it makes the most sense and optimize your application.

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