Machine & Safety Guarding

Keeping your employees and equipment safe is the priority of almost any company. The lightweight and modular design of the t-slotted profiles allows you to design to the machine or the surrounding environment keeping equipment protected and employees safe. TSLOTS has a variety of components and hardware, allowing you to create and customize your guarding the way you want it!


Change is inevitable; whether it be a new machine, an updated company policy, or the layout of an area, TSLOTS will change with you. TSLOTS was designed to last. Instead of building a new frame, repurpose your existing TSLOTS guarding or switch to our profiles. Don't currently use TSLOTS? No problem. Our material is compatible with other major suppliers. Get the quality and durability you expect while saving time and money!



The design of our extrusion is unique and can be configured for different types of applications. Customize your guarding to include vision systems, sensors, and robotic controls. Have the proper preventative measures put in place to avoid the increasing fines of OSHA. Customize your application to fit your equipment and processes, along with allowing space for operators and employees to work in safe conditions.



Compatibility is a big deal, we know that! That's why we've made it a point to ensure all our extrusions and hardware are compatible with all other major suppliers. For any existing guarding or frames that need updating, we can help! With compatibility across multiple suppliers, you'll be able to use our profiles and not have to worry about fit or function!

Common Guarding Infractions 


    • Unmaintained guarding creates more hazards
    • Unstable or Improper ground fastening
    • Incorrectly sized around machine or operator area
    • Inadequate room for machine function and operator to move



    • Short lead times
    • Set Prices
    • Modular
    • Easy Installation
Machine Guarding Booklet

Machine Guarding Booklet

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