Fractional Stanchions

TSLOTS fractional stanchions bolt directly to TSLOTS extrusions to implement a fourth and fifth axis to your design. You'll find single- or double-shaft bases, blank mounting, or predrilled mounting plates, and single or double mounting plates. Use these to position light sources, camera equipment, sensors, or actuators, among other uses. Stanchion posts are available in either aluminum or steel.


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image of Single Shaft Blank Mounting Plate
Single Shaft Blank Mounting Plate
image of Single Shaft Mounting Block
Single Shaft Mounting Block
image of Single Shaft Pre-drilled Mounting Plate
Single Shaft Pre-drilled Mounting Plate
image of Double Horizontal Base
Double Horizontal Base
image of Double Shaft Base
Double Shaft Base
image of Horizontal Quick Clamp
Horizontal Quick Clamp
image of Quick Cross Clamp
Quick Cross Clamp
image of Replacement Handle
Replacement Handle
image of Single Horizontal Base
Single Horizontal Base
image of Single Shaft Base
Single Shaft Base
image of Cross Clamp
Cross Clamp