Automation allows your production or business to run efficiently with minimal intervention while increasing your production output. With the increasing demands for quicker turn time and lower costs, the benefits and costs of automation are becoming more affordable than ever. Achieve your ROI, make your business more efficient, and make your business more competitive with TSLOTS!

  • Modularity with TSLOTS - In automation, customization is key to everything. The versatility of the extrusions makes TSLOTS the best solution for various automation systems! When your project adjusting, the modularity of TSLOTS allows you to make quick and easy changes efficiently, causing less downtime and more productivity!
  • Safety - When thinking Automation, safety is just as important in the planning process. Taking safety into account when planning automation systems will lead to productivity and more output. TSLOTS can be designed to safeguard any system or machine. It is durable and has the longevity needed to keep you from replacing parts. When planning your projects, check with OSHA or your company regulations to understand the requirements needed!
  • Unlock your Potential - We want to see you succeed in your business. We are focused and committed to making things as simple as possible so you can spend more time efficiently working on your overall solutions. We have specialists who can assist in providing ideas and solutions. With one of the most extensive product offerings in the market, we can assist in solutions you may not have known were possible!
  • Compatibility - Compatibility is a big deal, we know that! That's why we've made it a point to ensure all of our extrusions and hardware are compatible with all other major suppliers. For any existing guarding or frames that need updating, we can help! With compatibility across multiple suppliers, you'll be able to use our profiles and not have to worry about fit or function!

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