Lean Solutions

TSLOTS is built for lean solutions. The lightweight and modular design of the t-slotted profiles allows you to design applications that focus on continuous improvement and reducing waste. The simplistic design of the t-slotted profiles can be reconfigured to fit additional integration making sure very little is wasted.


Continuous Improvement is about reducing waste and making your process flow more organized. With over 120 different extrusion profiles and thousands of components, finding the solution to improvement couldn't be easier. The one-size-fits-all concept will never function the way you truly need it to. Customizing with TSLOTS will help you reduce money spent on future changes.




 Process controls also help you optimize your resource and energy utilization, and enhance your productivity and profitability. TSLOTS lean solutions can help ensure that your processes are within the desired specifications to help avoid risks and errors.



The flow of your process could be what sets you apart from the competition. TSLOTS will help you save time and additional costs with process improvement. Flexible systems that save valuable floor space and improve movement will be the reason you succeed now and in the future.



The design of the TSLOTS extrusion is very unique and can be configured for all types of applications. The slots in the profiles allow you to position various applications like vision systems or robotic controls, in various configurations that would fit your process. The modular design will also accommodate any future changes or allow you to reuse the extrusions for a different project.

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” - Mark Twain



- Team Boards

- Tracking Centers

- Cell Communication

- Scheduling Boars

- Conveyor Systems

- FIFO Racks



- Lightweight

- Reusable

- Durable

- Customizable

- Different Profile Options

Lean Solutions Booklet

Lean Solutions Booklet

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