Workstation Solutions

You are constantly challenged to find the most efficient ways of being productive! TSLOTS extrusion allows you to adjust or create the perfect workspace that is customized to your exact need. When you think and act lean, you become productive and efficient. When you become efficient, you increase productivity, and you save time and money!

  • Every business is challenged with finding unwanted inventory and inefficient processes. Optimize your workspace with TSLOTS and eliminate that unwanted waste. By creating lean processes that fit your business, you are thinking what is best for you. Creating that functional custom system that fits your business or project requirement, will increase your productivity. 
  • Customization - With the wide variety of products that TSLOTS offers, you can customize your workstation to fit your specific space. Not all out of the box workstations will fit your workspace they way you need it to maximize productivity. The unique design of the t-slotted extrusion allows you adjust or add just about anything to your workstation. From part bins, adjustable monitor arms, and mounted LED Lights, getting what you want has never been easier. You can even turn your frame into a pressurized workstation!
  • Mobility - Does your workstation require moving from one area to another?  Some of the most complex processes deal with moving parts, don't worry we have you covered. TSLOTS can make your workstation move with you process! With our selection of casters, you can have your workstation move from one place to another without interrupting the flow of movement that you want has never been easier. You can even turn your frame into a pressurized workstation!
  • Modular - Lean solutions don't stop evolving once your workstation is complete. Every great business is continually looking to improve with technology continually evolving. The modularity of TSLOTS allows your workstation to expand and grow. With a simple turn of a bolt you can adjust the t-slotted bars to a new location and add new components without having to start from scratch.
  • Design your workstation - Do you have an idea for your workstation, but you're not sure where to start with designing it? We have created 3 preconfigured workstation frames to help you get started. From a basic frame to a very complex frame with monitor arms and part bins. Download these files and adjust them to your need. Take our add-on accessories and integrate them into your frame with no hassle. If you have any questions, our design team is willing to assist you with any design challenges you may have.
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Complex. Add on accessories,

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