Extruded Aluminum Makes Up the Building Blocks for Your Ideas


We have the most consistent quality and widest range of offerings for your T-slotted aluminum extrusion needs because we manufacture and distribute our products on site in the USA. We work with your designs and offer free software options and concept assistance to help you make your aluminum extrusion plans a reality. We also offer customized extrusions for color and anodized finishes, so you’ll never have to paint your products.

When you order from TSLOTS in Utah, you can be confident that your aluminum extrusions will be easy to use, whether you have designed frames for robots, clean rooms, or enclosures. Our products are lightweight, durable and prefinished in any color you prefer. When you use our custom brackets, fasteners, hinges and hardware, our aluminum extrusions are easy to assemble. After building TSLOTS’ aluminum extrusions to your custom specifications, your durable structure will never need maintenance.

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You can benefit from our streamlined, simple, and effective system of designing and manufacturing aluminum extrusions. Call us today at 800-824-2049 or email us at info@tslots.com if you have any questions about aluminum extrusions or to place your order.

TSLOTS by Bonnell Aluminum are the leading T-slotted aluminum extrusions manufactured, distributed and sold by an aluminum extruder. That means you get the most consistent quality and one of the most extensive offerings in the industry. You never have to worry about color or finish, because all TSLOTS meet the same extremely high standards.


We’ve designed TSLOTS to help you quickly and easily create anything from clean rooms to robot enclosures. You simply insert a T-nut and fastener into TSLOTS and tighten. All you need are a few simple hand tools to create a durable, strong, lightweight structure that’s both functional and attractive.

Our helpful and supportive staff is here to assist you with everything from design to delivery. High-strength TSLOTS are maintenance free, with a clear anodized finish that’s resistant to scratches and corrosion and never needs painting.


We offer a wide variety of extruded aluminum to fit just about any project. Take a look at the following list to find the right products for your project.

Custom-machined Parts

Looking for custom-machined parts?  Rather than creating framing components, we can machine your TSLOTS and send them to you in a kit for quick assembly.

We offer the following machining services:

  • Cut to length
  • Tap profile end
  • Drill access hole
  • Counterbore anchor/Butt fastening assembly
  • Counterbore for miter cuts
  • Plastic/Wire cut to length
  • Panel notch for profile/fastener clearance
  • Deluxe door handle milling service

With Bonnell’s in-house anodizing and finishing facility, you get the high-performance aluminum finishing you need to ensure your product’s quality—and the streamlined, cost-effective processes you need to protect your project’s budget.

Our 2-step aluminum anodizing process delivers a superior finish that won’t fade for decades, while our in-house facilities help you reduce charges, like scrap overages and freight damage, that you’re likely to incur when working with multiple vendors. We specialize in highly decorative aluminum finishes and offer a full color spectrum. We can also accommodate and match custom colors and finishes upon request.

Direct from the Extruder

TSLOTS come directly from us — the extruder: Bonnell Aluminum! In fact, TSLOTS are the only T-slotted aluminum extrusion actually sold by the people who make the product. Other companies use multiple extruders. This limits their ability to ensure consistency. TSLOTS come with internal controls that guarantee the same high quality every time you order from one of the most extensive product lines in the industry, while offering extremely competitive pricing.

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  • Simple T-slotted design
  • Linear adjustability on the X, Y and Z axis
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Standard fractional or metric sized centerlines
  • Stocked in 240″ lengths
  • No welding or painting required
  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 90% reusable
  • Anodized finish
  • The flexibility to change or add to a design any time


Standard Specs
  • Yield strength (0.2% proof test) – Mpa = 200 Ksi = 29
  • Tensile strength – Mpa = 230 Ksi = 33
  • Elongation A5 minimum 10%
  • Elongation A10 minimum 8%
  • Elasticity E approximately 10×10^6 psi or 10,000,000 psi (or lbs/sq. in)
  • Hardness – Webster Model “B” 11-12
  • Flatness – .004″ per inch of width
  • Straightness – .0125″ per foot of length, not to exceed .120 over 20 feet of length
  • Twist – Twist per foot of length does not exceed .25 degrees and total twist over 20 feet of length does not exceed 1.5 degrees
Spring - Lock Feature


All TSLOTS structural extrusions have a 2-degree taper that spring-locks fasteners as they’re tightened. This ensures that fasteners won’t loosen — even under heavy vibration.

Fastener Torque Specs

This table shows the amount of torque needed in foot-pounds to activate the 2-degree drop-lock feature of the extrusion. The nut and bolt combination is pre-loaded when tightened to the minimum torque rating. The pre-loaded state makes a vibration-proof connection.


Fastener Force Test

Numbers in the below chart reflect direct and torsional force.


Fastener Specs

Numbers in the below chart reflect hex tool size required.


Deflection Calculator
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