What is the difference between TSLOTS and the other manufacturers?

We are part of Bonnell Aluminum, the 3rd largest soft alloy aluminum manufacturer of custom aluminum extrusions in the U.S. — and the fastest-growing structural aluminum profile supplier in the United States. Bonnell Aluminum has been helping customers optimize aluminum extrusion designs for over 65 years. Today, Bonnell creates a variety of products that include TSLOTS, the only T-slotted aluminum extrusions manufactured and distributed by an aluminum extruder. Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes allow control of parts from start to finish.


Do TSLOTS come in different colors?

We’re the extruder, so we can create TSLOTS in a variety of colors and lengths of up to 8 feet.


When should I use components vs. machining to assemble my design with TSLOTS?

Machined extrusions have a clean look and are structurally stronger than components. However, component assembly works well if you plan on adding to your design. When it comes to cost, machining will often be the most cost-efficient for your project.


Are all T-slotted extrusions the same?

No, some manufacturers have unique T-slotted designs, so their components don’t fit with others. In addition, the aluminum alloys used in some manufacturers’ extrusions can vary, creating different strength and finish characteristics.


How are TSLOTS shipped?

Kit-packed TSLOTS less than 8 feet long can be shipped by UPS. These tend to be the most cost-effective. You can also order TSLOTS in stock lengths of 20 feet or have your design assembled and delivered ready to use. Read more about how TSLOTS are shipped.



Where can I find pricing on your TSLOTS products?

You can view our current TSLOTS price list or contact your local distributor.

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How can I purchase TSLOT products?

By contacting your Local Distributor.


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How do I find out if there is a distributor in my area?

All distributor information can be found on our Distributor Locator page.

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Where are the CAD files?

CAD files can be found in the product section or on 3D Content Central.

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What is the longest TSLOT extrusion that can ship UPS?

UPS will ship up to 96" extrusions.


What do I need to cut this material on site?

We recommend a miter or chop saw equipped with a carbide aluminum cutting blade. (12" diameter blade should be 100 tooth). Make sure to use a cutting lubricant to extend your blade life and maintain the quality of the cut. Most importantly, be SAFE! Ensure your area is safe and your work is secured properly when cutting. We also offer in-house cut-to-length service for your t-slotted project needs.


How can I get design assistance?

Please refer to our Design Assistance page for more information.


What size wrench do I need for bolts?